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  • Jonah Malin

    Jonah Malin

    Pending humble-brags. For weekly riffs on marketing, advertising, and writing→ jonahmalin.com/barelyweekly

  • Craig McLuckie

    Craig McLuckie

    Kubernetes, Containers, Cloud Native. VP Product VMware.

  • Ren & Heinrich

    Ren & Heinrich

    Seer Of Hidden Truths. Earning $10k/Mo. In Passive Income. Writing About Crypto Mindsets That Lead To Wealth. Follow me on Twitter: @ren_heinrich

  • Derick David

    Derick David

    Product Designer. Avid reader and writer. Top Writer in Design, Innovation, Startups, & Tech. Entrepreneurial cheatsheet👇🏻https://jeazous.gumroad.com/l/PvToA

  • Keshav Bagri

    Keshav Bagri

    Venture Capital, Blogger, Travel Enthusiast, Ex- Goldman Sachs

  • Melissa Perri

    Melissa Perri

    CEO of Produx Labs and Product Institute. Product Management Consultant, Teacher, and Speaker. Blogging at melissaperri.com

  • Ha ĐANG

    Ha ĐANG

  • Josh Ephraim

    Josh Ephraim

    legal counsel to startups and VCs, jd-mba, former investor at Dorm Room Fund

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